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Located in central Nelson on the banks of the Maitai River, the Maitahi Quarter townhouses were designed to maximise the potential of the riverfront site through offering a standard of high-end, architecturally-designed townhouse not widely available in the Nelson market.

Embracing the riverside location, the architectural silhouette draws on the vernacular of the boat shed; a sheltering space that floats above the water, transitioning its occupants from the land to the sea. The design balances the public nature of the central-city location with both openness to the river view, and privacy for the owners of each townhouse. 

Four 148m2 townhouses are arranged as two semi-detached forms, split to follow the boundary of the site and reduce the visual bulk of the development and allow a central easement which divides the site.

Oriented to face north for sun, the generous first-floor terraces frame the river view, and provide privacy for the first floor living area from the adjacent public riverside path. Vaulted ceilings in first-floor lounge area create a sense of openness and space, and then lower to a more intimate scale in the dining, kitchen and first-floor bedroom areas to the centre and rear of the plan. At ground level, the shadow generated by the overhanging terrace and the depth of the façade creates privacy in the bedroom space. Garden courtyards front on to the river, with entrance ways positioned discreetly to the side of each residence.

While the external form and palette of the four townhouses is consistent, a series of two- and three-bedroom interior layouts were developed to optimise the marketability of the development. Buyers were offered further customisation and interior design options, allowing each residence to be tailored to their individual preferences.

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